airport_shuttle Transportation: First Class Public Bus
today Service: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
query_builder Departures Time: 05:00 am
payment Price USD60.00 P/P
access_alarm Duration: 10 Hours
person_pin Pick Up-Drop off: Bus Station to Bus Station
date_range Booking Way: We accept bookings at 72 hours in advance. 50% seats occupancy in the bus

Shuttle from Managua to San Salvador

Price From: $60.00

Shuttle from Managua to San Salvador

Additional information

Passengers information

After booked and paid your services at this webiste please sent your travel information so that is issued your ticket and sent it to you by email, the information needed as following:
Names as in your passport
Birth day each.
Passport number.
Passport Expiration date.

Borders Nicaragua Honduras is needed
Please bring Originals and Copy of passport in the borders
Please bring Originals and Copy of Covid 19 Test.
Please make your precheck as international passengers 3 days before depart, and National passengers please make the precheck 7 days before to depart.
here the links to fiill it up:

The Covid -19 Test is valid if is made in Conchita Palacios health Center in Managua, make your appointment to make it.